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Website Design

Website Design by East Technologies

East Technologies is a creative, professional web-design company. Our experienced staff is made up of website designers who, together, are able to tackle any project, large or small.

East Technologies has a local production base, guaranteed. East Technologies is a cutting edge website design company, and is equipped to handle web design of all kinds, from website updating and maintenance to senior project management. East Technologies handles co-organized events with some well-known companies and organizations, including Google, Yahoo!HK, Asiapay and Youth Business Hong Kong. These events introduce the latest webpage design solutions and e-marketing trends to our clients, ensuring that you are aware of the web design strategies we will be implementing. Based in Hong Kong, East Technologies is devoted to contemporary, creative website design.

Webpage Design

Website Design

  • Creative web-design team
  • Guarantee local production base
  • Website update and maintenance
  • Senior project management
  • Co-organized events with some well-known company/organization, including Google, Yahoo!HK, Asiapay and Youth Business Hong Kong, etc. to introduce the latest web solutions and e-marketing trend and to our clients
  • Our happy clients include listed companies, Fortune 500, corporations, various brands, and SMEs.
Web Design Case Study:
Listed Companies & Corporation
Success Finance Group
Public Finance
Gary Cheng CPA Limited
W. K. To. & Co.
Primary School, Secondary School & Kindergarten
St. Stephen's Girls' College
Universities & Education
Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
Perfect Medical
LCX Limited
Online Shop
Architect & Engineer
C M Wong & Associates Ltd
Interior Design & Decoration
Team Design
Real Estates
C S Property Group
Manufacturing & Trading
Green Production
NGOs & Association
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Food & Beverage
Italian Tomato
Neway Karaoke
Logistics & Transportation
Hong Kong Ferry​
Let our design team do the work for you! Save time and get a professionally designed website!

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Call our sales team to activate website design services: 2331 3344

Content Collection

You get to create your own unique message. Remember, our project manager is here to help.

Beta Presentation

Your project manager will let you know when your beta site is ready for your review.

Sign-off on Development

After we complete your revisions and receive your final confirmation via email, we will publish your site to the World Wide Web.

Welcome Call

Our professional project manager will contact you to confirm your order and review next steps.

Web Production

One of our Web designers will review your requirements and design your "draft" website.

Site Revision

Reviews your site and either walk through any changes with your project manager.

Website Goes Live

We demonstrate website project and web-based system in our seminars.
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